Marble Taro Bread

Taro, you may have seen it on your Instagram explore page. If you don’t know what the explore page…

(insert valley girl voice)

it’s basically like where you like see those videos on nail tutorials and cute make up and stuff…

Now that we are all up to speed, let’s clarify what the hell this stuff is. It’s not food coloring, it’s actually a root called the taro root which has a purplish hue giving bread the purple color. It’s mostly grown in Nigeria, China, Cameroon, and Papua new Guinea.

The taste to me it taste, at least in the bread form, like a semi sweet multigrain bread. To me it falls flat since I expect it to be much sweeter than it truly is. What I do like about it is that it is usually lighter and fluffier than normal buns. 

The history it basically comes from Eastern Asia and the Pacific islands. Each place will again claim to be its place of origin. But probably the most crazy fucked up one is the Hawaiian story about this plant growing on the grave of a God’s still born baby. I mean that’s some real fucked up shit for a group of people, who you know are supposed to go with the flow. Not knowing how to transition off this weird strange story topic let’s pretend I wrote an amazing literary transition. 

[Insert beautiful and tasteful transition] 

Well until next time.


Another millennial know-it-all,


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