Poke (aka fish salad) is basically the only salad I can eat as a meal.

Hopefully everyone knows what a salad is so I don’t have to explain it. If not, here is an extremely helpful link:http://bfy.tw/AQn5 (you’re welcome).

What it’s about

If you never been to a  poke place before, it’s basically like Subway. You have your assortment of bases, proteins, and people who are trying to be healthy. It’s great. You get the sushi ingredients with less cost.

The history:

Poke comes from Hawaii, where local fishermen men took cut offs from the catch and made it into a snack. Not much else to say. I mean I guess I can go into the cultures that influenced the dish, but I don’t feel like it.

Until next time,

Another millennial know-it-all


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