Thai Tea


Thai Tea, the incredible popular drink in Thailand, has invaded the United States.

Yes I know, a LITTLE dramatic “invaded” but companies like Starbucks are going to be losing huge amounts of money to the boba Thai tea craze. Trust me.

What is it:

Thai Tea can be found in Thai food restaurants and most other Asian cafes/restaurants in parts of the US. It’s a rather simple recipe with Ceylon tea, sugar, condensed milk, and usually topped with evaporated milk or coconut milk. I got mine with boba, which I write about in another post, eventually… maybe.

The Origins: Do I really have to say where this comes from, it’s in the name.

The Taste: It has a floral taste that is softened by the condensed milk. Two common error can occur while making Thai Tea, it tastes smokey or you cannot taste the floral flavor of the tea. If any of these happen to you while trying to make it, there is only one thing to do. Fly to Thailand dedicate you life learning to make it from a professional, or I guess you can just buy one at a cafe like a normal person. You know whatever…

Until next time,

Another millennial know-it-all


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