The best way to eat meatballs hands down, the meatball marinara. This post is not about the sandwich; however, it’s about those meaty balls. (Yes I know, I’m immature. I swear that is the only ball joke you’ll get.)

The History: Meatballs, originally a Sweden/Netherland creation, were made into an Italian food staple. Well kind of. When I say Italian, I mean Italian American. During the early 1900s Italian immigrants would take the meats that they could afford or had leftover and grind them up into these balls.

The Taste: Since meatballs can be made for a number of dishes the tastes can be very different. In Italian American food there is usually a taste of rosemary that is complimented by the marinara sauce.

Well that’s all for this post. You and I both have better stuff we can be doing, like literally anything else.


Another know-it-all millennial


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