Hello again,

Today I’m gonna tell the story, the tale, the history of the Mango. 

The History

Mangos (Portuguese in name origin) can, in fact, be found all around the globe, from the tropical beaches of the south America through India. This is accounting; however, isn’t about its present whereabouts, it’s about the past so here it goes. Wayback and I mean before the internet way back. This dude traveling down from Europe to Asia, meet a man who had spices and the fruit (later to be called the mango) to trade. The European bought it the end. What did you guys expect? A tale of biblical proportions? It’s just a fruit.

The Taste

If you have never had it the best way I can describe it is the combination of a peach and a pineapple. There are millions of ways to enjoy a mango. The best way in my opinion with chile powder.

That’s it for now, go on do something else with your life…


Another Know-it-all millennial


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