Starbucks: the death and rebirth of coffee.

When I think of coffee the American way, I think of the cowboy on the open fire. That black cup of joe; the drink that gets your day started. Starbucks has destroyed coffee the American way. It has created a Frankenstein monster of a cup full of sugar marketing it as coffee. Yet in it’s reckless creation its influenced millions of new coffee lovers. It’s a proverbial wild fire.

The Frappucino 

A milk shake with a hint of coffee; America’s addiction. The summer of 1993 Starbucks caught on to something huge. Blended drinks were creating an impact in the LA scene. Starbucks local managers saw its popularity got the go ahead from corporate to experiment with this new style becerage. 1995 Starbuck puts the Frappucino on the menu an it becomes an instant icon.

Further from the origin

 The Frappucino now mostly made of milk and sugar could not be further from the American cup of joe. It has changed what coffee is indefinitely. Of course I know that there is a difference between coffee and the shots of espresso in a frap.  Now probably one of the most sold drinks in America. The point being, a cup of coffee is no longer the American caffeination. Starbucks has destroyed that, and in doing so created something new. Something strange, something foreign, something American. 

Until next time 


Another know-it-all millennial


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